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Re: Adding tracks to a midi
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Default Re: Adding tracks to a midi - 28-10-2010, 08:14 PM

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Hy Spike
Thanks to you I have downloaded most of my midi files onto the T3, and have saved quite a few onto a USB pen, a long job but I think they sound ok, ( bit of studio ear doesnt help), anyway, I am now in the process of dowloading my songs from the Band in a Box programe, into the T3 and adding tracks, Following your thread on adding tracks to a midi file, I have no problem, but can you tell me, what do you mean by adding a multi pad, and would this help me in getting a better recording. Once again I apologise if it seems to be a silly question.
Many Thanks
No such thing as a silly question Terry, we've all been there.
Adding a multipad is the same as adding a track. Just set that track to record as if you were adding that track but press the appropriate multipad button when you want the multipad to play and press STOP when you want it to cease. This way you can have multipads coming in and out during the song, you don't even have to have the same one or even the same bank although for safetys sake I would put different banks on different tracks.
If you try to add multipads during recording of the song you may find you have to hit the multipad button at the same time as changing a chord - very difficult if you just have 2 hands.
Hope this helps

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