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Re: Yamaha PSR S710 Registration Memory
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Default Re: Yamaha PSR S710 Registration Memory - 23-09-2011, 08:56 AM

Originally Posted by Bachi View Post
a few days ago I bought a Yamaha PSR S710, and see that the registration memory banks operate the same way as my previous S550

The user manual is quite brief in their explanations, then ask someone who knows about it if I can help with this.

What is the correct way to use the bank records in the S710.

This sentence confuses me the manual says quite "The registered settings for eight Registration Memory buttons should be saved as a single bank (file)."

However, I see that you can save different records in each bank for later use and independently.
I guess there also may register one or more variants to be used during the execution of a musical theme, as a fast access to the changes required to be done.

I want to learn about this interesting option of the S710, which I also can name each bank or something, but do not understand how to give proper use.

Bachi (Argentina)
Hi Bachi
It may be easier if you think of each bank as a 'folder' and each registration as a 'file' in that folder.
You can name each bank (folder) as a song, you can then have 8 different registrations for that song.
When you play that song just scroll through the registration banks, find the song and play - you can then change registration in any order you like whilst playing. You can also change variations whilst playing a particular registration.
Hope this helps

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