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Re: Yamaha PSR S710 Registration Memory
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Default Re: Yamaha PSR S710 Registration Memory - 23-09-2011, 12:00 PM

Thank you very much friend Spike.
So as I understand you've explained it, now if I understand it, I could prepare some banks with multiple records for some songs and it works great

I've also realized that all these different banks should be saved in electronic pen drive type, then retrieve them from there to timing.

This detail of the saved files in pen drive is not explained clearly and specifically in the manual, I had to deduce after reading the technical specifications page of the keyboard.

I believe that this should be clearly detailed below in the page text that speaks of the Registration Memory Bank.

For this detail I spent five days trying to understand their proper operation, if it had been adequately explained in a few minutes settled the issue.

I apologize if this text have mistakes because I do it through the translator.
Thank you again and I send a cordial greeting and great.
Bachi (Argentina)
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