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A Day in the life of a tune
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Default A Day in the life of a tune - 08-07-2012, 01:44 PM

Hi everyone
I hope that this will be interesting enough.
I thought I would take out a little time and go through my process of writing a song. There are many different ways of doing this but in my case here is generally what happens.
I will play about in general with the keyboard listening to different accompaniments and see if they talk to me. i.e. suggest a tune in my head. The tune only needs to be simple.
Alteratively I will play with a batch of chords for interesting changes and see if anything comes out ot that. If it does then I will try and fir a tune to it,
As a final method for this I may simply have some lyrics in mind such as I Would Do Everything For You and that comes out with a fairly strong melody
So I came up with a batch of notes and simple chords to fit recorded it and then listened back to what I had. My first stab a a tune eventually became this in my mind Any Time I Want
When I first listened to what I had it sounded a bit like Lovers Concerto from the Toys but then it sort of went like a folk song. at this point I just put it away and went back to playing by listening to different accompaniments again. Eventually I came across a Scottish Reel and had a listen. Took me back to my youth when I used to do competitions for Scottish Country Dancing. ( Yes I know ) anyhow! I thought it might be fun to turn "Any Time I want" into a Scottish Reel. Gradually extra notes slipped in until it fitted the style. Now I am hearing a cross between the Sailors Hornpipe and Portsmouth and I think it is reasonably catchy and certainly different so I hit the record button, played it through and then uploaded the music and put it on here and thought if a title could be Portsmouth then this could be Aberdeen as I have tenuous connections there,
Currently I do not not how it is going over because there has been no feedback as yet but it is early days etc.
My next thought was as that one is only a live performance i.e. no editing or multi tracks etc. that it could probably do with a bit more work. So I started to put down a guitar track. Yes I know you do not normally have guitars in this type of music but when I used to be in a band playing the Gay Gordons etc. I would hammer hell out of my guitar through it and people seemed to enjoy it. So I laid down 2 different guitar tracks on it and renamed it Sassanach Reel
So far this is where it has got to
Sassanach Reel
If anything else happens i will let you know
Have a great day

YouTube version

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