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Re: Panel Setting Issue T5/76
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Default Re: Panel Setting Issue T5/76 - 20-04-2014, 03:12 PM

Hi Martin,

When the keyboard loads an 'edited' voice, apparently it loads the original version of the voice and then applies the edits to it which are contained in the edited voice file. Presumably when loaded as an OTS, the MAIN display is displaying the voice name from the original voice I.D. number instead of using the file name itself.

I don't know why Yamaha haven't managed to 'fix' this yet. In fact I don't know if they've even bothered trying. It used to be the same with user voices memorised in Registrations too, although that is no longer the case on the latest boards, and even my T4 shows the correct names for these.

It has been like this for user voices in OTS for as long as I can remember and they have had plenty of opportunities to fix it, so maybe there is some specific problem with what is saved in OTS that prevents the real voice name from being used, although the keyboards manage to apply the edits to the voice, so you might think that the OTS must contain the edited file name.

However it is possible that they actually contain a copy of the voice edits themselves! Certainly if you look at a style in a Hex Editor, I can't identify any ASCII text string of the file name of any of the OTS voices, even the original preset ones, so it probably is just the original voice ID number that is stored and used to display the name!

You would think that it shouldn't be any more of a problem to fix it for OTS than it was for the same problem with registrations, but without knowing what is actually saved in each type of file, we can't say, and it may not be possible without some major change to the OS.

However it is confusing, and although you realised that the voice actually being played is your edited version, many people do not, and think that the original version has been loaded.

Maybe you should try contacting Yamaha for their reasoning behind this.


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