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Default Speakers - 14-04-2016, 02:28 AM

Hello fellow keyboardists!

I’m looking to upgrade my speakers and am presently using JBL 2328Ps. They’re only 150 watts and what I’d like to procure is something louder that can be used for both studio and live applications. In conjunction with that, I’m also using an M-Audio Studiophile BX10S sub-woofer.

My experience has been that these speakers and sub cause distortion when bumping the bass up, leaving a flat middle that I’m forced to be reluctantly comfortable with. Plus the sub drops out and goes into standby mode when it overheats.

I’ve heard that the JBL 6238’s are the next and better step up, but they’re super expensive and I don’t know that they’ll serve both live and studio needs.

I’m very open to suggestions and recommendations on louder studio/live speakers and sub woofers, especially of an affordable nature.

Many thanks for any and all feedback!

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