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Way past time to upgrade from XP
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Default Way past time to upgrade from XP - 09-05-2016, 10:29 PM

Hello fellow keyboardists!

I've hung out as long as I could in upgrading my music PC from Windows XP to something newer because I cannot stand starting from scratch and reloading all of my software, drivers, etc. Although support for XP was dropped by MS years ago, my PC still works predominantly fine. However, in receiving the notice that DropBox is also going to drop XP support, I believe the dinosaur may finally be at the very brink of extinction.

My question is; do you suppose I could get away with a store bought PC running Windows 10 and still be able to run my prominent software and drivers for live recording and editing such as Sony Acid Pro 7, Sony Movie Maker, izotope OZone 5 Mastering software, Yamaha Steinberg driver for my MR 816X firewire device, etc. or is a custom PC recommended for exclusive audio & video production?

If I can get away with an off the shelf PC to support all of my needs rather than go down the technical and costly path of a custom PC, well, that would just make the transition a bit easier I would imagine. Your thoughts? Many thanks to all!
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