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What's connected to what
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Default What's connected to what - 03-10-2016, 02:01 PM

I have a Tyros4 connected through a non-powered mixer to a powered Roland550 amplifier. Through the mixer, I also connect my microphone and sometimes a guest microphone. Although the Tyros mic jack allows many unique features (most of which I wouldn't use) I find the universal means of balancing the inputs give me more flexibility including added guitars and microphones that utilize the Roland as a PA sound system. I have 2 complete Tyros speaker sets (one from my Tyros1 and one from my Tyros4) but find the uptop speakers getting knocked off in handling or much too much time spent in setup doing the plug and wire bit. No disrespect intended to Tyros for providing everything for the player, but it's more fun when I engage others to join.
Am I alone in finding preferences in setup beyond the onboard keyboard output and how is it done. I have pics of my Tyros4, Roland 550, Yamaha mixer and microphone mounted stand all on a home designed and manufactured pneumatic tired cart if the pics are of interest. I'm interested in learning how others move and setup between "gigs". If it takes more than 10 minutes, the nursing home circuit gets bored and if it takes more than one trip in or out, I get tired and too hot or cold.

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