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Default Re: What's connected to what - 03-10-2016, 06:16 PM

Hi Dick
Care homes are my sole gigs now - in fact my wife is a resident in one.
The size of the room I'm playing in and the size of the audience governs which amp system I use. Smaller rooms get the MS05 speaker set up and larger ones my Stagepas 300. I can get set up in 10 minutes with either of them once the bits have been carried into the venue. I use a concertina style stand for the T5 and a collapsible seat. One thing I do is keep the cables connected to the back of the MS05 woofer as fiddling around with that fragile 8 pin plug in the dark soon damages the pins. All connections to the rear of the T5 are colour coded so the sockets can be identified from the front top too. The speaker connections and the pedal connectors are colour coded too.
The Stagepas mixer/amp is situated on a stand just to the side of where I sit so I can easily adjust settings. The mic is either routed through the T5 for the MS05 set-up or a TC Helicon Perform-V for the Stagepas set-up.
I have the T5 in a flight case with the MS05 in a hold-all and a small case which holds the pedals and bits and pieces. The Stagepas rig goes into a purpose built Yamaha wheeled trolley which has an extendable handle. The speaker poles and mic stand goes into a case.
The hardest part for me is getting the T5 and flight case into the back of the car - it must weigh half a ton!


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