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Re: Travel in time with music is the safest way
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Default Re: Travel in time with music is the safest way - 18-10-2016, 02:43 PM

Originally Posted by Karel-GW8 View Post
I was looking for the style: Time is tight - Booker T. So I registrated today and got the file with succes. I converted it with 'style works XT' , loaded it in my Roland GW-8 and it is the best version for now!

In the nine-ties I had a GEM WK8 and this machine had the best version of all. But we are now in the year 2013 and have to do what we can get BTW I am an old (1954) keyboardplayer from the Netherlands. I play not for public, but for myself , I see it as a relax time if you know what I mean

Thx for reading this little story ....

And now we are 3 years later, like a time-machine ;-) Still own the GW-8, not playing much. Have(made) a good version of the style Do it again from Steely Dan and some more styles. See ya over 3 years
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