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Default Re: Saving registration memory - 13-11-2016, 08:57 PM

Hi Norm,

You can (and should!) save the contents of the eight registration memory buttons all together as a single file which Yamaha refer to as a 'Registration Bank'.

Each time that you save a bank, the current contents of the 8 buttons are saved, even if there is nothing in them.

When you save them you are given the option to give the bank a name of your choice, although the keyboard will initially show the current name of the bank, which if you have never loaded any third party banks or named any of your own will be 'New Bank'.

If you save a bank with a name that already exists in the same folder, you will be warned and given the opportunity to change it. If you don't change the name, the contents of the original bank with that name will be overwritten with whatever is currently in the memory buttons.

You can save banks to any drive other than the Preset, so that means the internal User drive, the internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or to an external USB memory device.

Each registration bank file is very small even if there is data in all 8 buttons (typically less than 10 KB) so you can have as many different ones as you like (500 max in a folder) without worrying about memory space on the T5 hard disk or a USB device. You can save them to the User drive but it is probably better not to use the User drive for permanent storage, since it is relatively small and some of it is required by the system if you have any expansion packs loaded.

To save the current contents of the 8 registration memory buttons as a bank, press either the REGIST BANK [+] and [-] buttons simultaneously, or press the 'J' button next to the Registration area of the MAIN display. This opens the Registration Bank Selection Display which will say 'REGISTRATION BANK' at the top.

Navigate to the drive (HDD1 or USB1) where you want to save the bank using the TAB buttons to the top right of the actual screen, then select a folder to store the bank in.

Finally press the lower #6 button underneath the 'SAVE' icon on the display. This will open the Name box allowing you to give the bank a unique name, unless you deliberately want to overwrite an existing bank.

This is quite clearly explained in the section 'Saving the Registration Memory as a Bank file' on page 86 of the 'Tyros5 Owner's Manual', although you are referred to page 29 for the actual final part of the save process.

Saving banks (or any other type of file) is not a difficult process and it will soon become second nature to carry it out.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say that your "Tyros 5 sometimes deletes all my Registration Memory entries".

The contents of the 8 buttons at the time you turn off the power should be restored when you turn the power on again.

If you are not saving the contents of the memories as banks, then obviously if you memorise a new panel setup into a memory button that already contains data (lit blue), then you will overwrite the existing contents, and if you have never saved any banks, you will have lost the previously memorised setup in that button forever.


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