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Default Re: Growl Sax? - 03-03-2017, 10:41 PM

The midi song recorder won't record the drums from the "audio" styles because they are ...erm... audio not midi. To record and play back everything when using audio styles use the audio recorder..

Edit: just thought I'd add this in case you have some midi songs already recorded using audio drums which you'd really like to hear without having to re-record.
When playing back start as follows:
Push Stop and Play simultaneously on the midi recorder. The Play button flashes red.
Make sure the style you want to hear is already loaded. This would normally be the original audio style you used to make the recording (but does not have to be if you want to hear the song using different rhythm choices.)
Push sync start in the style panel buttons.
Now push any note on the left of the keyboard and the song and chosen style drums play back in sync whether audio or not.


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