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I'm new around here
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Wink Presentation - 18-05-2017, 10:34 AM

Hello friends ... ..: Whistle:
Yes, although we do not know each other, I say hello to all my "friends musicians"!
Indeed, whatever the level of each one, from pianotage to virtuosity with regard to musical art, ...... from discovery to great technical expertise with regard to the instrument, we all share these two passions as Members of this forum.
My name is Marc, 51 years old and I live in Belgium.
I learned the organ around 10 years ago with a teacher.
I was organist in 2 parishes at the age of 17 until 30 years.
Towards 40 years I offered a Yamaha PSR 2100 and very quickly a TYROS 2.
For about 5 years, I animated a lot of teas dances, banquets, ....
Then, for professional reasons, I had to stop.
In 2017 I bought a Tyros 5-61.
Despite the extraordinary capacities of this instrument, I regret a little the TYROS 2 because I have a lot of difficulties getting the "good sounds" and most OTS do not suit me.
It is necessary to constantly adjust (DSP, scales, "chorus", "reverb", EQ ...) and I admit to devote an enormous amount of time on this keyboard so complex.
The forums are an indispensable tool because, thanks to the talents of all these "friends", it is enough to be interested in the publications to realize that we all pass by the same difficulties and I find there many answers and excellent advice ...
I possess, as many doubtless, a mine of files styles, of midis as well as of partitions. I hope to contribute to this forum by offering a few files if needed!
So, I was a little long, but you know a lot more about me now!
See you soon, musically! Mark
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