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Tyros 4 style choice
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Default Tyros 4 style choice - 29-07-2017, 11:45 AM

Hi all, I was wondering, when you are learning a piece, how to detect what style/rhythm to use for the song.

It would be good if there was an app like soundhound that could detect the "Rhythm style" (As against the song title) that would at least put you in the ballpark when trying to find a style that mimics the original.

I have a Yamaha Tyros 4 and was wanting to learn the song Something Stupid (Robbie and Nicole version). The problem is there is many differing styles on the keyboard.

So to my question, how do you guys find the style/accompliment/rhythem that closely matches, or is at least similar to, the original, when learning a new piece?

Many Thanks Chris
Perth, WesternAustralia

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