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Re: Tyros 4 style choice
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Default Re: Tyros 4 style choice - 10-08-2017, 12:48 PM

Hi Spike, and thanks for your reply :-) I will have a look in music finder as you suggest. I notice that most music has a suggestion near the title, but I find them a lot vague. I think the other thing you suggest is how I have been doing it, just going thru the styles and try to pick one, but of course, its quite time consuming.

Of course, the Tyros series is a work station, so with knowledge of how to compose a rythem/style, you could imitiate the orginal backing by just listening to it, but I guess you need a good ear, lol

I must admit, I do like to hear songs that are played on the keyboard, with a style/backing that is very close to the original. Its much the same with music with me, the closer a performance is to the original the more I tend to like it. I can see tho, that some folks would find that "pointless" (You need to add your own flare on a performance) Yes, Im the sort of person that like to go to a live concert and hear it sound Exactly like the CD/DVD, lol

Thanks again for your reply again!

Cheers Chris
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