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Default Re: Resetting - 24-08-2017, 09:53 AM

Hi Suzi
The songs that are on your hard drive - are they midi or audio?
If midi then on the main screen press button A and your previously recorded songs will be under the USER or HDD tab (possibly USB tab if you have the stick inserted and songs have been saved to it).
Audio recorded songs will similarly be shown after accessing the Audio recorder and looking there.
The alternative to saving your Musicfinder list to a USB stick is to connect your Tyros to your PC through a USB cable (to device) and start your Tyros by holding down the Musicfinder button whilst turning the power on. This connects the PC to the Tyros in File Transfer Mode and the Tyros will be shown as an external storage device. You can then transfer any files to the PC and back again.
Do back up your files either this way or onto a USB stick before doing a factory reset - which I don't think is going to help anyway.
I do 9 or 10 gigs a month with my Tyros and I access the styles for the songs I play very quickly. All my styles are re-named with the name of the songs and located in folders, according to genre, on my HDD (backed up on a USB stick). I have a registration called START which sets the keyboard up as I require and takes me straight to the folders containing the songs. From this I select the song which I'm about to play. I take , at the most, about 5 seconds to load the next song style.
FYI I don't use Musicfinder at all and from switching on the Tyros to playing the first song is less than 10 seconds (excluding warm-up time)
Hope you find this helpful

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