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New member with question about Korg PA600
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Default New member with question about Korg PA600 - 22-09-2017, 08:39 PM

I just discovered this forum and look forward to the knowledge I can gain from it. I've played keyboards since the late 1960s, but am just now getting into arrangers. I want to buy a keyboard (perhaps the Korg PA600) that I can be sure will work with the app Set List Maker, which will reside on my iPad during live gigs.

With the right keyboard, Set List Maker will let you tap on the name of a song on your iPad, and the app will tell your keyboard to change it settings to the Style you have linked it to (instrument-tempo-backing style).

I was considering a Yamaha PSR keyboard for this, but Yamaha's tech customer service (which is excellent, by the way) verified that the PSRs will not accept SysEx program changes.

I "think" that Korg's PA600 has a better chance of working, but Korg's customer service is via email only, and they have not replied to me. Can anyone here offer any advice on this?
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