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Re: New member with question about Korg PA600
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Default Re: New member with question about Korg PA600 - 22-09-2017, 11:55 PM

Yamaha arranger keyboards have 2 functions built in which do the same as the Set list. Music Finder which list songs and their suggested styles and a screen into which you can enter a style which includes a voice set up of your choice. You are only ever one click away from your next song. There is also what are called Registrations which are, in effect, a photo of the keyboard set up.
What I suggest you do is to download a manual (say the psr970) and read it, this will show you what I mean better than I can explain.
I play 9 gigs a month and only use the built in styles set up with my choice of instruments and renamed with the song title. These titles are listed in folders according to their genre.
Hope this helps

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