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Default Genos...6...? - 26-09-2017, 01:00 PM

Teasers and speculation have owners and want to be owners checking websites and pocket books in anticipation of Yamaha's next version of the arranger keyboard. I read a negative comment that the focus of the keyboard is so old players with limited skill can play in nursing homes. It seems more like a split focus to attract electronic wizards who want to be the "Harry Potter" of recording or the the nest egg generation who can afford all the bells, whistles gongs, drums and back up bands in the history of music. Whichever path there is, I would like three sets of information to settle the dust: 1. What features are included compared to all previous Tyros versions, 2. When. where and how can it be purchased and 3. What is the price to me where I live.
Seems like those willing to make a $ deposit before knowing would be willing to buy "a pig in a poke".

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