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Default Re: Genos...6...? - 15-10-2017, 01:27 PM

Spike, thanks for sharing the common hesitation. After a progressive series of Lowrey console organs, I bought my first Yamaha keyboard, something in the 600 series. After that I moved up a couple more steps until I bought a Tyros 1 (the last keyboard I'll ever need) With that thought, I passed on Tyros2 & 3.
I bought a Tyros4 (the last keyboard I'll ever need) and passed on a Tyros5.
It has taken me 40 years to realize that sooner or later (as finances allow) I'll buy (the last keyboard I'll ever need). Reading reviews about voices of resonator guitars and more, I ordered a Genos (the last keyboard I'll ever need). It didn't cost as much as a cruise to the Bahamas in retirement and I expect to share the enjoyment with more than a boatload of strangers for more than 10 days.....Go for it!!!

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