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Default Re: Genos...6...? - 20-10-2017, 11:42 AM

WOW !!! It has even smoother sounds than Tyros4. Individual adjustments for each selected voice. Pulled a thumb drive from "4" and opened in Genos. Good styles sound even better, especially the organs. Touch screen seems intuitive...what and where I though things to be were there. FAST !!!
To do more, I must learn more. Have always had to learn to play with new toys.
This is like my first encounter with Rubic's Cube.
Physical differences require modifications to my attached personal monitor, microphone stand and stopwatch. Bottom contours leave smaller half oval surface for stand mounting. 76 keys require longer case.
Research prior to purchase did not reveal the specifics of these (somewhat expected) differences. I wish those details had been available so that I would have had my stands etc. ready and would not be playing with the keyboard sitting on my amplifier for me to play when I should be busy with the equipment modifications.
Details of how large the 2nd bottom, semi permanently installed thumb drive should be provided (but are not clear). I ordered a 128 gig-3 to install. Still unsure if larger storage will take more time to access..
Reference manual still not available online and not included in shipped packaging. Owners manual directs owner to refer to the reference manual.
Included registration paperwork directs the owner to open a Yamaha website to register but the Genos is not yet included in dropdown menus. A call to customer service got the Genos registered. Seems like Yamaha has been in as much of a hurry as users have been to launch the new workstation (no longer referred to as "arranger").
So far the pleasant surprises outweigh the time and space adjustments.

In 5-6 years will we be asking when Genos2 will be available or will we demand a Tyros 6 or 7?

I will gladly test features for any with specific questions but keep in mind my focus is playing music before learning computer adjustments, changes and creation of styles and registrations

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