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Welcome to the Music Workshop!
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Default Welcome to the Music Workshop! - 29-10-2008, 10:53 PM

To all members:

A few of us have been in heavy discussion and have decided to launch a new forum, aimed at helping other members achieve their musical goals.

We're all at different musical experience levels, and sometimes it can be tough for the less-experienced members to find the confidence to make their first song upload.

With this in mind, we're offering our help. If you have a tune but feel, for whatever reason, that it's not quite ready for posting in the main song forums, and would like some helpful, constructive views, then just start a new thread here, and post an mp3 + midi and whoever's available will drop by and hopefully help with any issues.

If you state in your post, what issues/problems you're having, then this will help us to focus on finding the right solution. There will be no criticism of your performance, only helpful advice. Even if you just want an honest critique of your work, before posting in the main song forums, then this could also be useful to you.

Another concern is, we don't want to bombard the person seeking help with too much info in one go, so only members who have expressed an interest to help, (we'll call them mentors for want of a better term), will be allowed to post comments.

How to get started.

Ok, you'll notice we have 2 workshop forums, a 'regular' visible one, (Music Workshop) and a private one, (Private Workshop).

Now, we'd prefer for you to use the regular one, as other members will hopefully be able to benefit from what they read. However, in the interests of all, you are more than welcome to use the private area however, this will not benefit any other members in a similar position. On a side note: you'll only be able to see your own thread in the private area, no-one else's.

Please note: only the person seeking help, and the mentors will be allowed to post in either of the 2 forums. If a member feels he or she has some useful information that needs to be added, then contact me, and I will add you to the usergroup set up for this project.

If you'd like help, either PM me, or preferably use the main site 'contact us' form found at the bottom of every page.

The Lone Arrangers Keyboard Forum - Contact Us

Please state your forum username.

I will then add you to the working usergroup, which will give you the necessary forum permissions to start a new thread.

I will also notify you to say you've been added to the usergroup, and you're then ready to go.

Either select the Music Workshop, or the Private Workshop and start a new thread outlining your concerns. If you have a music performance issue of any sort, then a link to an mp3 would be most helpful, as well as uploading the midi, if you consider it necessary. (Note: the midi will not show in your user profile, as they usually do when uploading in the main song forums).

Please do not always expect an instant reply, as we may need to wait for the most qualified member to arrive, especially if you have a technical query.

If anyone needs any clarification of the above, please feel free to make contact and I will always do my best to help.

Important: I would just like to stress again, that we're here to help, and do not wish to humiliate, criticise or be negative in any way. If you want to improve, then please join in and make the most of the available experience on hand.

Become a mentor: if you would like to help other members with advice in this new forum(s), please PM me, or drop a line on our 'contact' form here:

The Lone Arrangers Keyboard Forum - Contact Us

stating your interest, and a couple of your main strengths, e.g. music theory, sequencing, voicing, arranging, styles, general keyboard help, software, etc. etc. Please do not feel you need to be an 'expert' in any area to become a mentor. As long as you enjoy music, and willing to help others with friendly, useful advice, then we need you!

If we all muck in, then we can collectively make this a useful feature of the site.


New to the Forum? Why not introduce yourself to the others by saying hello here: Introductions Forum

Our new Music Workshop is up & running. Read more here: Music Workshop

Forum Rules & Guidelines - please read.
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