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Re: Welcome to the Music Workshop!
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I'm new around here
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Default Re: Welcome to the Music Workshop! - 15-11-2008, 02:54 AM

Originally Posted by spike View Post
Hi Paul
Can't see the point of PAT, it adds notes and plays along with your performance in line with the chords you play, you set your song going then just hit any keys and it will play appropriate ones alongside yours. My opinion? a useless gimick! Used it once, unimpressed!
Hi Paul & Spike

I do music technology seminars for "grey nomads" - mostly those into motorhoming. It always brings the house down when I play the Michel Vonchen Yamaha demo of the PSR-K1. (use it so I can have a "toilet" break as these things can go on for hours!!!) He performs "Cant Help Falling in Love" by "cleaning" the keyboard. It really is a brilliant demo of Performance Assistant and I can tell you now, that if I had a mountain of K1's at seminars they would walk out the door as "newbies" just fall in love with the thing. It is a 15 meg file but of course you can get the DVD from PSR Tutorial etc. Might even be on U Tube??????? Hope this helps.

By the way Spike I have featured your absolutely brilliant Shadows stuff extensively in Oz since you started posting on SVP years ago - you are extremely popular here!!! I almost had a heart attack when SVP went off the air!!!

Take care

Bob in Australia
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