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Re: Welcome to the Music Workshop!
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Default Re: Welcome to the Music Workshop! - 17-11-2008, 03:39 PM

Hi Bob,

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks to Spike's Y/T link, and I now understand what P.A.T.'s all about. A bit too gimicky for my liking, especially as a skill level of zero is required, but I can understand why some newbies to music would find this feature attractive. I think this is probably a case of taking musical aids a little too far.

Great to hear Spike's got an Aussie fan base! He's certainly made the Shads genre his own. To the non-initiated, the Shads music probably sounds easy, but to get those Hank nuances takes a good ear and quite a bit of dedication, which Spike's got both of. I think lead guitar is one of the toughest instruments on a keyboard to sound convincing, so hats off to anyone who manages it.

You probably already know this, but for thoses that don't, if you want to hear all of Spike's current uploads, just click on his name in any of his posts, and in the drop-down menu click on 'View Public Profile'.

The music technology courses you run sounds really interesting Bob. Are you a motorhomer yourself? Many Brits shoot off to southern Spain for the winter, and more and more are now going full-time. I've been looking at some American '5th-wheel' combinations at various M/H shows here in the UK with a view to touring parts of Europe. I've read of people doing similar things to yourself, however this has mainly been focussed on computer lessons for the 'grey nomads'. Would love to hear more of what you are up to, maybe we could swap notes in the Lounge forum if you like?

If there's any new feature you'd like to see us cover on the forums, just let us know. For instance, if you'd like any extra feedback on your pupils' efforts, then we'd be more than happy to help.

Best regards,


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