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Default Re: Welcome to the Music Workshop! - 18-11-2008, 12:30 AM

Originally Posted by nozzmoking View Post

Thanks to Spike's Y/T link, and I now understand what P.A.T.'s all about. A bit too gimicky for my liking, especially as a skill level of zero is required, but I can understand why some newbies to music would find this feature attractive. I think this is probably a case of taking musical aids a little too far.

Man, you got that right. Yes, I too can see the appeal of PAT to newbies, but this is just the kind of gimmick that absolutely kills respect for arranger players. With promotions like this, who can blame the average joe in the audience for thinking "oh, anyone can do what he's doing up there, you just hit any key and the thing plays itself." In fact, I've had people come up to me and say just that, and my response is, "Okay then, hit a button and play me something." Then I watch them sheepishly walk away.

Voncken's got a living to make, fair enough, but he's not doing anyone other than Yamaha any favours.
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