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Default Re: EQ Settings - 25-01-2010, 11:13 AM

Hi Spike,

This is a cracking resource, which is now a sticky in the Workshop.

I hadn't given any thoughts at all to the standard EQ settings, just thinking that the board would be probably be set up without any adjustment needed.

However, the more I struggle with the conversion from wave to mp3 makes me realise something's probably not right with my set up. I do all my playing and mixing through good quality headphones and can safely say I've never really been 100% happy with any of my final mp3s. It's so frustrating to hear what seems a perfectly balanced tune on the T2 only for it to get ruined on the conversion. The more instruments that are added to the mix, the worse the problem seems to get.

I'm working on a tune at the moment and I've used an auto-panning electric piano in places. To my ears it sounds great on the T2 but the mp3 is a disaster. The piano sounds muffled and distorted on the mp3.

I've also used the Guitar Hero SA voice. Again, I had it sat back nicely in the mix on the T2, (with no DSP effects added), but it sounds like a cat being strangled on the mp3 and suddenly it's got loads of reverb.

It seems with certain types of songs we need settings on the midi for the track to be played back via the keyboard, and different settings for when the track is being recorded to the hard disk prior to conversion to .wav.

Trouble is, it's difficult to try a variety of settings as it takes so long to convert the .aud to .wav and then export to the flash drive.

Anyway, next time I get the T2 out I'm going to try your suggested eq settings and see if they might make some difference.

We need a magic button on our keyboards that once pressed, allows us to hear the output from the keyboard as though it had been converted to mp3, so we can mix accordingly. A sort of mp3 preview facility for want of a better phrase. Now if that feature was available on the T4, I'd definitely buy one.



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