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Adding tracks to a midi
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Default Adding tracks to a midi - 21-03-2010, 12:47 PM

Scenario - you have recorded a midi and wish to add some countermelody or multipad.

Method -
Load the previously recorded midi
Turn off the OTS Link
Press the [Channel on/off] button and press [PLAY]. while the midi is playing each of the channels at the bottom of the screen will show a little red light when midi info is being passed. This therefore shows which channels are being used. Make a note of those which haven't been used.
Stop the midi and ensure it is rewound back to the start (press [STOP])
Decide which channel you wish to add the track to the song.
For example let's add a countermelody to channel 5
In SONG CONTROL press and hold[RECORD] and at the same time select CH5 by pressing [BUTTON 5 - upper] under the screen. You will notice that CH5 is now set to REC (in red).
Another small window has now opened in the screen. Scroll using either button C or D until you have highlighted [RIGHT 1] - this means that you will add the voice allocated to R1.
Press [BUTTON F] and select the voice you wish to add.
You are now ready to add the track
Press [PLAY] , the midi will now play and you can play the countermelody in the appropriate place. When the midi is finished press [STOP]
You can now listen to the midi with your added track
If it is ok then press [BUTTON A] and press [SAVE] , Tip - give it another name just in case.
If you are not happy with the result then reload the midi and repeat.
If you want to add further tracks then repeat the process using a different channel each time. Use only spare channels 1-8 as 9-16 are style channels.
Note- if you want to add a multipad the select [MULTIPAD 1,2,3 or 4) instead of [RIGHT 1] , choose the multipad and when adding it as a track press [BUTTON 1,2,3 or 4] as appropriate. You can stop and start the multipad as required during the recording so it's not on all the time.
If you scroll up and down this little window using buttons C & D you will see what parts can be added.
If you have any questions or want further information just ask

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