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Multi-Tracking For Dummies - Tyros 1 & 2
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Question Multi-Tracking For Dummies - Tyros 1 & 2 - 12-06-2008, 04:59 PM

Hi Everyone.

This is the first of four tutorials, aimed at those who are new to the world of sequencing and multi-tracking.

Good luck.......and have fun !!!

Multi-Tracking For Dummies - Tyros 1 & 2

One of the attractions of playing music on an “Arranger Keyboard”, is the ability to achieve a full sounding performance with the help of the super styles that are available, - but if you are looking to be adventurous, and add even more realism to your performance, there is a wonderful tool available at your fingertips, - the onboard song creator.

This can be used to enhance an already recorded song, or to create a pro-sounding song from scratch.

There are four main components to achieving a professional sounding result.

1. Initial recording - Recording the intro / chord progressions / fill ins / ending.

2. Adding your extra tracks, - i.e. harmonies / background strings / counter melodies / instrumental riffs etc.

Editing - Setting the panning (stereo effect) / reverb / volumes of the individual tracks.

4. The fun part - Playing the melody along to your finished composition.

In this section, we will deal with the most important step.


A. Select the desired style and intro, and set the Style Control to Sync Start.

B. Press the Channnel On/Off button twice, at the side of the LCD screen, - you will see the 16 different channel boxes displayed.

C. Press Record in the Song Control section. (all 16 boxes will show “record”)

D. Record your song. (without the melody for this exercise)

If you make a mistake,.. stop recording, - press Top in the Song Control, - and repeat the procedure.

When you are happy with the result - Save To Floppy !!!


The lower eight tracks (9 – 16) on the Channel On/Off screen, are usually reserved for the style parts, - so plan on using channels 1 - 8 for multi-tracking purposes.

As a rule, save Channel 1 for recording your main melody .

A. Press Top in the Song Control section to go back to the beginning of your song.

B. Select the Voice you are going to use and assign it to R1.

C. Press Record in the Song Control section, and at the same time, press one of the Channels in the Channel On/Off display (use the up-down buttons, and hold for two seconds).

The word in your selected channel will change from On, to Record.

You will see the assign box appear on the left of the LCD screen, scroll up/down to select R1 - This will record the voice saved in R1 to your selected channel.

D. Press Start in the Song Control section, - you will notice that the song is playing, and only your selected channel is set to Record.

You can now add your first multi-track, by playing along to it.

E. Press Top in the Song Control section to go back to the beginning of your song.

Repeat the above procedure for each further multi-track you wish to record. (Remember to make a note of each channel you have used, so you don’t record over your previous tracks by mistake !!).

If you are not satisfied ,or you make a mistake,.simply press Stop - then Top, to start over

Remember to save to floppy after each stage of recording, - this will ensure that the work you have already done, will stay "safe".

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