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Behind the Songs This forum is specifically for members wishing to explain how their music was created. Everyone welcome.

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The Crystal Ship (song info)
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Default The Crystal Ship (song info) - 07-11-2009, 01:49 AM

The song is in the 'lastest covers' section

Here's some more notes, on how I created this.. It is a lot of work, but with each time, I get thru it faster.

The Crystal Ship by the Doors. I found some sheet music for this song. I googled the chords. One website had a slight variation in the chords, which was better than the sheet music, so I made a minor change to the chords.

I recorded into Logic, while Tyros played the romantic ballad style.. I recorded onto a dummy track, one that does not go back to Tyros, otherwise you may get midi doubling, programs changes being misdirected etc

I only used the left hand chords.. So I temporarily went to MIDI SETUP Transmit page, and shut off all the style generation channels 9 - 16. I set up Style to start with Intro 2 and then go to variation A.. You can still hear the style play it is just not transmitted out on MIDI ports. I just did this to hear one style play, which I could later change.. This pass was only to get the correct chord changes..

After recording them, I had only the left hand chords CH 2. I quantized these to 1/4 notes. Now I moved this this chord track to a DAW channel that would go to Tyros CH 2 (left hand chords). Go to MIDI SETUP Chord detect, and turn on channel 2. So now what ever comes in on that channel, is as if your left hand was playing the chords. This frees you up to make variation changes, multipads, OTS changes etc.

I liked Var A,B, and D a lot I will record a pass of the song into Logic, using Intro 2, Var A, B and End 2. Then I recorded a pass of Intro 2, Var C and end 1 on a 2nd take. A third take will be intro 2, var D, and End 1 again.. That way I can experiement and try different variations. Since Var C is simple, I might use that and a track from Var D to give the whole basic track a different more varied, arrangement, then if I had just switched betwee, the main variations in one take..

Later on I spliced/merged the different takes into one performance

To play back your style generation pass, move the track in you DAW from a dummy track to one that goes to sends back to Tyros on all tracks.. Later on, I will split this multi track performance 9 - 16 into seperate midi tracks so it will be easier to monitor in your DAW.


I also tried several multi pads. I recorded one pass of harpeggios using 3 of the pads. I then assigned the three different multi's to one track, gave it a pizzicato patch, and moved it song track 8 on Logic, and then assigned Channel 8 on MIDI PRESET Receive to song. This will come up on the 3rd page of the Tyros mixing console. I temporarily used Right hand channel, and selected the string pizzicato patch, while recording into Logic.. I then moved this control sequence onto the appropriate track in Logic, so it will automatically pick the right program, to play the pizzicato part on Track 8.

Next I recorded a whole pass of multipad A playing nylon guitar pick.. Again make sure you have your DAW sending the left hand chords to Tyros, and you have turned on Chord detect for midi channel 2.. This way the multipads will play the proper chord patterns all the way thru the song. I then assigned this nylon picking guitar part to Track 7 and set Track 7 on MIDI receive page to SONG also. So now i have an acoustic guitar playing through out the the song.. Again I temporarily jumped to the main right voice and selected mega nylon guitar. I merged the resulting sequence onto track 7, so it will also call up the right patch.. After listening to it a dozen times, I edited about 20% of the notes out, mostly at the end of each bar.

After I had the song in reasonable shape, I did a good amount of erasing notes, for the flute and clarinet. Also for some of the strings, to thin it out.. I hand played the melody lines, and acoustic bass. The electric bass I overdubbed, using Tyros generating a different style. In fact both the drums and bass part were "pop new age". See "Trying to overdub a part section" below..

To get all your program and controller settings - make a registration, Select a different one, put your DAW into record, and then select the proper registration.. Now you have the right bank MSB, LSB, program, controller info.. You may have to look at this event list to make sure the program comes after Bank MSB, LSB, otherwise you will get the wrong patch.. This is reflected on Tyros face panel, It will have the Yamaha tripple tuning fork ikon, instead of a proper patch.. If you see the Yamaha ikon, then you must go into your event list on your DAW, and figure out what is going wrong.. You may have to put a reset controller command.. to get pans, pitchbends, expressions, back to a normal starting place too.. If a pitchbend command was activated, one or more of your tracks will be playing out of tune..


Once you have a track part completed to your satisfaction, and you have assigned controllers, and program. Go to MIDI SETUP Receive and move that channel to SONG. Normally a drum track would be assigned to Rhythm 2, Move it to song, so now it won't go thru the Tyros Style generator..


I'm sending chords from DAW, on port A and track 2, (It doesn't appear that Tyros will drive style generator while receiving on Port B)
Even though I have shut TRANSMIT off for everything except tracks 9 and 10, you will still hear parts 11 - 16, but Tyros does NOT send them out. . However, you can shut them off in the Tyros mixer. However if you only want to create, say a new bass part, you should shut off the rest of the generated parts, otherwise it gets too overwhelming to keep track of what everything is doing..Each time you pick a new style to audition, you have to reset the Tyros mixer..

Since I have my original Rhythm tracks coming from my DAW now, and they are patched thru SONG in Tyros mixer. You can still hear them. This will allow you to audition individual tracks in a "new style", while still hearing what you originally recorded, all in real time..
Once you like a part, record the MIDI performance into your DAW and reset the Tyros MIDI Preset..


It gets very exciting to mix different styles together, however, you can quickly turn your masterpiece into a pile of sonic mush.. Concentrate on one part at a time.. For instance do the drums first. Using channel on/off, shut off all other parts of style except the drums.. The rest of song is being played by DAW now.. Remember, even if you mess up a variation change, while just doing drums, you can cut and paste in your DAW to fix it. For instance, VAR D had a nice snare coming in (using Pop new age).. After I've recorded it into Logic, I'll go back, and cut out some of the snare hits on beat 4 for the first eight measures.. You can cut/paste/move tom and snare rolls too.

Use CHANNEL ON/OFF, and shut off the tracks you don't want to generate. The original parts from DAW will still come thru..

I will leave rest of tracks R hand, tracks 11 - 16 coming in on port A and assigned to "SONG" in Tyros.. That way changing "STYLE" should have no effect for 11 - 16 since they are now coming from Logic.. I should be able to select a different style, to create more variation in the song, yet it will still get the chords. For the drums it doesn't really matter, but I will attempt to lay down a bass part, using this same idea.

I should temporarily shut TRANSMIT of the style parts I don;t need (11 - 16) It's a good idea to keep the UPPER part transitting, that way, I can play Tyros keyboard, to get a reference for material..


Occassionally Tyros will lose a track.. Every thing is fine, you can see Tyros 'getting' the note in the MIDI Monitor page, but it won't sound.. You either have to shut off and restart machine.. Or reasign the channel from your DAW. Sometimes it's easier to change the Bass to port B channel 11, than restart the Tyros..
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