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Forum Rules & Guidelines
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Lone Arranger Forum Rules & Guidelines - 22-05-2008, 12:55 PM

Welcome to
The Lone Arrangers
Keyboard Forum

Forum Rules & Guidelines

Forum Guidelines

As this is a public forum, I would kindly ask that you all assist in the running of this site by holding discussions in a calm and friendly manner.

Although we're a friendly bunch here, sometimes tempers can become frayed and things said, that are often regretted later.

With the above in mind, it's only logical to have some forum rules in place, so we all know where we stand.

Your first post will be deemed to be taken as acceptance of the forum rules, (shown below, after the Forum Guidelines).

Please note: Non-registered visitors to The Lone Arrangers Keyboard Forums will be able to browse freely in selected Forums, however to participate in discussions you will need to register for a free membership.

1. Has your question already been answered?

As a courtesy to other community members, before starting a new thread, please look to see if a thread on that topic has already been posted. You can achieve this through the Search function. Multiple threads on the same subject are somewhat unavoidable, but please do try to avoid cluttering forums needlessly – many good ideas may be lost by having similar threads in different places.

2. Starting threads

If you want to start a new thread, simply choose the forum in which your question fits best, and click on the ‘New Thread’ button. You must be logged into The Lone Arrangers to start a new thread.

3. Replying to threads

To replying to an existing thread, click into it and then click on the ‘Post Reply’ button. You must be logged into The Lone Arrangers to reply to a thread.

4. Keep it relevant

It is important that The Lone Arrangers forums remain free of spam and that irrelevant, redundant or duplicated material is kept to a minimum. Please aim to achieve ‘one topic, one thread’ – with all of your posts relevant to the original thread question. It is acceptable to go ‘off topic’ occasionally given that such posts are of a good nature, however the moderators retain the right to intervene in ‘off topic’ posts if they appear to be significant and persistent deviations from the original thread, or if such posts contain inflammatory comment. In these cases, the moderators’ rights to move or delete posts, or to impose strikes or bans on members for inappropriate content will be enforced.

Forum Rules

1. Keep it legal

The Lone Arrangers forum members agree to take full responsibility for the content that they post in the forums. Any content that is deemed to be: pornographic; discriminatory; sexually explicit; harmful; threatening; abusive; defamatory; obscene; hateful; racially or ethnically offensive; excessively vulgar or profane; discussing or illustrating illegal activity; contravening national or international law; disseminating viruses or other potential disruptive software programs; promoting piracy; or providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned – will be deleted and the member will be subject to a potential strike or ban.

2. Keep it under control

As the site's primary focus is the enjoyment, and sharing of music, it follows that the membership is not restricted to any particular age group, and I would therefore ask all members to keep this in mind before posting information that could be construed as 'unsuitable for youngsters'. The Lone Arrangers forum however, has processes in place to deal with inappropriate content.

3. Don’t (blatantly!) advertise or self-promote

Unless you offer a product or service that is directly relevant to the thread you are replying to, e.g. 'styles', authored software, etc. content that is deemed to be blatant advertising, or non-music/forum-related, will be deleted. There is absolutely no problem with advertising your music-related products or services, in fact it is encouraged, but done in a sensible manner.

4. Use URL links carefully

URL links to external sites are welcomed, however they should be used only when relevant to the thread topic, and should never be purely for promotional purposes. Advertising your music-related products/services, (see 3 above), is acceptable however.

Links in your signature are perfectly acceptable.

5. Do not impersonate another forum member, moderator or administrator

The Lone Arrangers members are expressly forbidden from impersonating anyone else, including those named above, on the forum, even in fun. This may be grounds for a permanent ban on your membership.

6. Do not spam

Spamming is entirely prohibited. Spam includes the posting of non-relevant content, URL links, repetitive posting of nonsensical posts, unauthorised advertising within the forums and unsolicited Private Messages. We request that you report any spam immediately to the moderators by clicking the ‘Report Post’ symbol in the title bar of any post. You can report Private Messages by forwarding them to the Administrator inbox

7. Do not breach another member’s confidence

The Lone Arrangers members must not post content, access email messages or access Private Messages that might in any way breach the confidence of another individual. For example, any email or Private Message received from an individual cannot be placed on The Lone Arrangers forums without first obtaining that individual’s consent. Neither must The Lone Arrangers members post content, access email messages or access Private Messages that might in any way infringe any patent, trade mark (including Trade Marks), trade secret, copyright, database rights or other similar rights of any person.

8. Posting of music, whether cover songs or original compositions

Please do not attempt to upload an mp3, wav, aud, or wma file. The system will reject these filetypes.

Only the following types of music file will be accepted, (please let me know if you think a particluar file type is missing).


There is a 1Mb limit on all music files and graphics files - jpeg's, gif's etc.

This is more than enough for most purposes.

This has been put in place to make sure the running of the site is kept as smooth as possible for all members, without any slowdown due to bloated filesizes on the server. It must be remembered that not all members take an interest in the song sharing forums.

It would greatly help the userbility of the forums for all members if you could follow these basic rules:-

Thread Subject
When posting a song, please enter the title of the song in the subject box in this format:

'A Whiter Shade of Pale' (as an example, please leave out the quotation marks). Please do not add any other characters, such as 'nozz534 - A Whiter Shade of Pale' etc.

Do not enter the title in all caps, e.g. 'A WHITER SHADE OF PALE'

The reasons for this will become evident as the song upload list grows. If we try and keep uploads in an ordered fashion, this will greatly help the numerous search facilities that have been put in place.

Also, as you post a song, this information will be taken and automatically posted in your public user profile, which will look far better for visitors to read when browsing your music collection.

It has search-engine benefits also, as you will find your listings appearing in Google etc., so please try and get into the habit of forming correct titles for your uploads.

Gentleman's Agreements
There will be no Gentleman's Agreements in respect of how often someone can post a song. There will be a much simpler solution. We will discuss this topic, and then put to public vote (poll). When the majority decision has been reached, I will post the 'song posting rules' as a sticky, so that new members, and existing ones, know exactly what the position is.

The Lone Arrangers Keyboard Forum will not be resonsible for any copyright breaches in respect to uploaded material, whether covers or originals.

All submitted work must be the performance of the person submitting, and in no instances will 'doctored' or 'tweaked' midi files be acceptable. I repeat, only music performed totally by the submitter will be allowed.

Any music created using the onboard facilities of your keyboard, e.g. styles, registrations, etc. is perfectly acceptable. Taking someone else's midi file, and re-interpreting is strictly not allowed.

The same rules above also pertain to the 'Vocal Performances' forum. This forum is in place not to highlight the vocal ability of a member, but to showcase a 'complete performance', i.e. the accompaniment must be the member's own work.

Vocal performances, whether a cover or original composition, must be posted in the 'Vocal Performances' category.

Any suspected breach of the above is to be reported to the site administrators via the 'Contact Us' link found at the bottom of every page.

The thread in question will be temporarily moved to a secure area, until the facts have been established. Under no circumstances are members to begin 'flaming' the suspected member. This problem, should it occur, will be dealt with swiftly and silently, and is not to be discussed openly on the forums. I'm sure you will agree, this is in the best interests of the whole membership.

9. Recent Events

Many of you will be only too painfully aware of recent events at another forum. As a personal request, I would kindly ask that no mention is made on the forums regarding the issues or circumstances surrounding these events. Please keep all discussion on this matter strictly private.

In a similar vein - many forums have the occasional visitor who, let's say, takes pleasure in being disruptive in some manner. If any member has reason to believe a post is offensive, or in some way slanderous towards another member, then I would ask that this is reported, either using the 'report' link in the threads, or the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of every page.

I hate having to set rules, but please understand, this is done for the right reasons in the interests of all members. If the rules get changed, or amended in any way, I will contact you all with the information.

That just leaves me to say . . .

10. The 10th & final commandment - you must have fun!!


Closed Thread


.aud, .mid, .mp3, .pad, .reg, .rgt, .sty, .vce, .wav, .wma, forum rules, song posting rules

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