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Introductions Meet & greet new members here. If you're new to the forum, please tell us a little about yourself. We're all looking forward to you becoming a regular member of the forum.

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Hi everybody
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Thumbs up Hi everybody - 21-08-2013, 07:16 PM

Hello to you all,

I am new to the forum, so let me introduce myself.
I have had classical piano lessons for several years but I am not very good at it, I guess that this type of formal training is not my cup of tea, although I went as far as to compose a fully-fledged classical waltz and since I couldn't play it myself because it was technically too challenging, I had a pianist friend playing it for me and it was a thrill because what he played was exactly what I was hearing in my head and, hopefully, what I had written on the paper!

Because of the piano being so frustrating for me, I decided to move on to newer pastures and to teach myself keyboard. I had an old PSR E413 form my music theory classes and after having spent much time on the Internet doing research and listening to YouTube keyboard demos, I decided to buy the E413 successor, the E433. Of course I would have liked to have all the bells and whistles that are on bigger keyboards like the PSR S and Tyros range, but well, I couldn't afford it and I think that the E433 is good enough for my purpose - learning to play the keyboard! If I persevere in my purpose, I guess I'll move on to a bigger, more sophisticated instrument in one or two years and in the meantime I'll content myself with the E433.

I intend both to learn arranger keyboard as such (I. e., with automatic accompaniment), but also to learn to play like the pros, i.e., with both hands playing their part at the same time (like in Elton John music for instance).

As for my tastes, they range from classical music (from my formal training this is quite obvious : Bach, Mozart, Chopin...) to pop music (Beatles, Elton John) to electronic music (Vangelis, Jarre), but I find that the arranger keyboard is a very interesting tool, with its on board styles and its capability to play MIDI files, to dig into musical genres that you are less familiar with (in my case, Jazz, Latin-American music and world music).

If anybody else here is the owner of a E433, I would be very happy to exchange tips, styles, songs... with you. I find it is an underrated keyboard with great value for money and a lot of possibilities, with the new functions of muting tracks (either in songs or in styles) and of unloading / downloading data from an USB stick - something quite unheard of on keyboards in this price range!

So, I am happy to share knowledge here with you and I hope we'll make good music together
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Re: Hi everybody
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Default Re: Hi everybody - 22-08-2013, 08:22 PM

Hi Vinciane

Many thanks for your nice introduction.

I'm sure you'll find the help you need here.

On a different subject you wrote:

Originally Posted by vbdx View Post
I intend both to learn arranger keyboard as such (I. e., with automatic accompaniment), but also to learn to play like the pros, i.e., with both hands playing their part at the same time (like in Elton John music for instance.
Another aspect of your keyboard you may wish to explore is the 6 track sequencer.

Using this feature, you will be able to lay down tracks one at a time. e.g. Say you have written a short classical piece on the piano. You may want to hear what it sounds like with a string quartet for instance. With the sequencer you will be able to set the metronome going, and then maybe start by recording the double bass, right to the end of the piece. This will occupy 1 track.

We then rewind to the beginning and start the recording process on track 2 with maybe the cello selected. Again, you play its part all the way to the end.

And so forth, with the viola and violin parts (tracks 3 & 4).

Now when you play back the piece, you will have created your own string quartet playing one of your own pieces! You can now also tweak the sound of each of the 4 voices that you've used to your liking. You can then try out different reverb settings such as a small room, for chamber music etc. or a concert hall etc. to affect the overall sound.

You will also be able to balance the volume of each voice too and alter the pan settings (to aurally position each sound left or right on the stage) to get that perfect mix that we're all after!

You still have 2 tracks available so you could add percussion or some piano or anything you wish.

A couple of tips, make sure you save the piece after laying down each track. If you make a slight mistake somewhere in the recording, then just keep going to the end, as the mistake might be fixable in the editing section of the sequencer.

You now have a midi file that is ready for converting to a .wav file. I'm not sure how you do this on the E433 but I'm sure one of our resident gurus will be able to help you get past this last hurdle.

Hope this helps a bit and good luck with your music making!



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Re: Hi everybody
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Default Re: Hi everybody - 23-08-2013, 05:11 AM

Hello, and welcome to the forum.

You had mentioned "writing music", and the arranger keyboard is a good answer. The '433 may not have all the features of the PSRS-/Tyros series, but is a good unit to start on!

As far as not being able to play well, ... I have put together some music playing with only one hand (no crippling problem, I just did not learn that well....yet). So what Paul had mentioned will work, setting up the background music then adding one piece at a time.

We are looking forward to hearing your creations!

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Re: Hi everybody
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Tonto's invited me to dinner
Yamaha PSR E433, acoustic piano
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Location: South of France
Cool Re: Hi everybody - 24-08-2013, 04:39 PM

Hello, thanks to both of you for your friendly welcoming words

I don't intend to use the sequencer in the beginning, what I would like to do in the first place is to play with both hands on the keyboard (like on the piano, but with only 61 keys and a larger choice of sounds), and also to use the arranger features of the E433 (i. e. accompanying myself using the styles while playing a one note or a two notes melody with the right hand).

Does anybody knows of a keyboard method or a keyboard collection of songs that would help me in this purpose? It would have to teach me both techniques of play. Or would it be better to buy two separate books? Maybe has somebody already had a good (or bad) experience with such a method for keyboard? All advices are more than welcome.

As far as posting my own arrangements or personal compositions on the website, I cannot do it immediately since I have no material means of recording myself. My computer, a big old-fashioned tower, is two floors beneath the keyboard in my office and I don't consider either moving the keyboard to my office or the computer to the living-room ! So, my next buy will probably be a small laptop with recording capabilities, any advice in this area?

Thanks again and wish you a very nice week-end,

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arranger keyboard, bach, beatles, classical music, e433, elton john, jazz, mozart, pop, psr, styles

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