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VilleGuy 22-09-2017 08:39 PM

New member with question about Korg PA600
I just discovered this forum and look forward to the knowledge I can gain from it. I've played keyboards since the late 1960s, but am just now getting into arrangers. I want to buy a keyboard (perhaps the Korg PA600) that I can be sure will work with the app Set List Maker, which will reside on my iPad during live gigs.

With the right keyboard, Set List Maker will let you tap on the name of a song on your iPad, and the app will tell your keyboard to change it settings to the Style you have linked it to (instrument-tempo-backing style).

I was considering a Yamaha PSR keyboard for this, but Yamaha's tech customer service (which is excellent, by the way) verified that the PSRs will not accept SysEx program changes.

I "think" that Korg's PA600 has a better chance of working, but Korg's customer service is via email only, and they have not replied to me. Can anyone here offer any advice on this?

spike 22-09-2017 11:55 PM

Re: New member with question about Korg PA600
Yamaha arranger keyboards have 2 functions built in which do the same as the Set list. Music Finder which list songs and their suggested styles and a screen into which you can enter a style which includes a voice set up of your choice. You are only ever one click away from your next song. There is also what are called Registrations which are, in effect, a photo of the keyboard set up.
What I suggest you do is to download a manual (say the psr970) and read it, this will show you what I mean better than I can explain.
I play 9 gigs a month and only use the built in styles set up with my choice of instruments and renamed with the song title. These titles are listed in folders according to their genre.
Hope this helps

VilleGuy 23-09-2017 02:33 AM

Re: New member with question about Korg PA600
Thanks, Spike! My goal of using the iPad with the Set List Maker app stems from the desire to also have the lyrics and chords on the iPad. Set List Maker can do that.

It would be ideal if Set List Maker could send a SysEx command to a Yamaha PSR keyboard and have it retrieve the registration I seek...but Yamaha said that can't be.

Also, in the time since you and I corresponded last, Korg replied and said that PA keyboards can't do that either.

I'll continue to look, but your PSR suggestion can be my final resort, if needed. Thanks.

spike 23-09-2017 11:38 AM

Re: New member with question about Korg PA600
You can attach a monitor to the back of the Tyros (and probably all the latest Yamaha models) which will display the lyrics and chords - that facility is built in to put them onto the keyboard screen. I don't think it's possible to route those to an iPad screen though.
Presumably this Set List Maker generates SysEx messages but surely the info in those messages must come primarily from the keyboard and the Set List Maker just records them and sends them back as required.
What keyboard are you using at the moment with your Set List Maker?
PS what's your first name?

spike 27-09-2017 01:05 PM

Re: New member with question about Korg PA600
This might interest you

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