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Reload this Page A question about USB flash Memory.

Keyboard Software Resources Useful links to software, patches, drivers etc. to help you get the best out of your keyboard.

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Re: A question about USB flash Memory.
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Kemo Sabe invite me to dinner
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Default Re: A question about USB flash Memory. - 02-06-2013, 09:08 AM

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the usb memory stick that Spike recommended. I was able to load things from my PSR750 onto the memory stick and able to access them when ever I needed to.
That was wonderful, but then I really wanted to down load from the internet the 15 classical styles onto my memory stick which Jorgen Sorensen put up on his site [The Unoffical Keyboard Resource Site] . He put them up in 2003 . Well, they went on easily, but when I put the memory stick into the PSR750 , they came in as a folder, but I had no idea how to open the folder.It was terrible, I knew they were there, but I couldn't access them--until to-day when a friend called in, hit a couple of buttons on the psr and then went to the very top right hand corner of the PSR 750 and hit the button next to the right hand speaker] which is labelled USB. This brought up a new screen , and he hit the C Button [style] this gave me the first 9 of Jorgen's composers, and then when I hit the P2 button which is situated directly above "cut" I found the other 6 composers. And my day was made! I had finally got there.
Many thanks to all who helped, especially Ian and Spike. I will send a personal note of thanks, separately to Jorgen. From a highly delighted Trevor in Australia
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Re: A question about USB flash Memory.
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Default Re: A question about USB flash Memory. - 02-06-2013, 04:53 PM

Hi Trevor

Thanks for your kind words - and the personal mail to me.
Good you got things sorted out...

Best wishes
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Re: A question about USB flash Memory.
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I'm new around here
Just bought PSR-S950.
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Lone Arranger Re: A question about USB flash Memory. - 13-02-2014, 02:24 AM

16 GB Sandisk working with no problems.
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Re: A question about USB flash Memory.
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Kemo Sabe invite me to dinner
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Default Re: A question about USB flash Memory. - 13-02-2014, 12:57 PM

A 16G flashdrive provides plenty of room for THOUSANDS of styles.
By now I hope you realize I'm lazy and appreciate FREE.
I use my computer to rearrange my style files in a filing system that echoes the system in my computer: I made a folder marked "PAM" for the files she has provided and another marked "BART" for those files also found through this site. Later I found advantage to create folders for "WALTZ", "FOX","POLKA" etc. I have more than enough space to duplicate style files in multiple folders to make access faster.

Occasionally I do have to "clean house" when I find a newer or better style and have older ones I no longer use. My T4 provides a quick access to the flash drive and simple clicking permits "Stepping" through folder levels.

I keep MP3s and WAV files in their own folder.

Others can provide comparison of capabilities of various keyboards and I too appreciate all the help we receive. If others have found usable alternatives in organizing style files (and others) on flash drives, I like to find better and easier ways (told you I'm lazy)

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