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Music Workshop It can be difficult sometimes to have the confidence to make your first song upload, so with this in mind we've decided to launch this new forum with a view to helping other members solve some of their music-making problems.

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Default Speakers - 14-04-2016, 03:28 AM

Hello fellow keyboardists!

I’m looking to upgrade my speakers and am presently using JBL 2328Ps. They’re only 150 watts and what I’d like to procure is something louder that can be used for both studio and live applications. In conjunction with that, I’m also using an M-Audio Studiophile BX10S sub-woofer.

My experience has been that these speakers and sub cause distortion when bumping the bass up, leaving a flat middle that I’m forced to be reluctantly comfortable with. Plus the sub drops out and goes into standby mode when it overheats.

I’ve heard that the JBL 6238’s are the next and better step up, but they’re super expensive and I don’t know that they’ll serve both live and studio needs.

I’m very open to suggestions and recommendations on louder studio/live speakers and sub woofers, especially of an affordable nature.

Many thanks for any and all feedback!

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Re: Speakers
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Default Re: Speakers - 28-04-2016, 06:46 PM

My own view on this is that studio monitors, designed for a very flat frequency response right up to inaudible highs, do not make very good speakers for PA. Studio monitors have to be cranked up to get much loudness from them at larger venues.

If your current ones are rated at 150w then look for double the power to get a noticeable increase in volume. Each doubling will give you an extra 3dB of loudness, other things being equal. Keep the monitors for the studio (home).

PA speakers are designed to create a lot of volume (high efficiency), but aren't as accurate in terms of frequency response, that's why most bands have a third octave graphic equaliser to flatten the response within the hall. PA speakers usually only go to about 15 or 18 kHz. But that high all there is is the hiss off cymbals. If it is there, it will all be absorbed by the audience anyway.

You may not believe it but Behringer speakers aren't that bad. I've a pair of B210D (with a ten inch bass driver) that are just fine for most venues.
For a little more 'oomph' I'd have a listen to the B212D rated at 550 watts.
The 12 inch bass unit may give you all the low end you need, but if not add a B1200 pro and you should be able to 'rock the joint!' If you can stretch the budget a bit more go for the B215D. They're all available on Amazon.

You should find in the average small hall that they'll go to insanely loud levels. Painfully loud!

I keep the PA stuff locked away in the garage and use small monitors for home use.

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