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spike 24-01-2010 11:41 AM

EQ Settings
The sounds which you hear emanating from your keyboards speakers are affected by the equalizer setting you have. A song will therefore sound different depending on what keyboard or sound system it's being played through. A lot of the settings are a matter of choice, however in making your choice perhaps the following information will help.


1. Increase to add more fullness to lowest frequency instruments like toms, and the bass.
2. Reduce to decrease the "boom" of the bass and will increase overtones and the recognition of bass line in the mix. This is most often used on loud bass lines like rock.

1. Increase to add a harder bass sound to lowest frequency instruments.
2. Increase to add fullness to guitars, snare.
3. Increase to add warmth to piano and horns.
4. Reduce to remove boom on guitars & increase clarity.

1. Increase to add fullness to vocals.
2. Increase to add fullness to snare and guitar ( harder sound ).
3. Reduce to decrease muddiness of vocals or mid-range instruments.
4. Reduce to decrease gong sound of cymbals.

1. Increase to add clarity to bass lines especially when speakers are at low volume.
2. Reduce to decrease "cardboard" sound of lower drums (foot and toms).
3. Reduce to decrease ambiance on cymbals.

1. Increase for clarity and "punch" of bass.
2. Reduce to remove "cheap" sound of guitars.

1. Increase for "clarity" and "pluck" of bass.
2. Reduce to remove dullness of guitars.

1. Increase for more "pluck" of bass.
2. Increase for more attack of electric / acoustic guitar.
3. Increase for more attack on low piano parts.
4. Increase for more clarity / hardness on voice.
5. Reduce to increase breathy, soft sound on background vocals.
6. Reduce to disguise out-of-tune vocals / guitars.

1. Increase for vocal presence.
2. Increase low frequency drum attack ( foot / toms).
3. Increase for more "finger sound" on bass.
4. Increase attack of piano, acoustic guitar and brightness on guitars (especially rock guitars).
5. Reduce to make background parts more distant.
6. Reduce to soften "thin" guitar.

1. Increase to add attack on low frequency drums ( more metallic sound ).
2. Increase to add attack to percussion instruments.
3. Increase on dull singer.
4. Increase for more "finger sound" on acoustic bass.
5. Reduce to decrease "s" sound on singers.
6. Increase to add sharpness to synthesizers, rock guitars, acoustic guitar and piano.

1. Increase to brighten vocals.
2. Increase for "light brightness" in acoustic guitar and piano.
3. Increase for hardness on cymbals.
4. Reduce to decrease "s" sound on singers.

1. Increase to brighten vocals (breath sound).
2. Increase to brighten cymbals, string instruments and flutes.
3. Increase to make sampled synthesizer sound more real.

Anyone who has bought a new Tyros would notice that it comes with EQ settings which make the sound very dull and dry and here's a suggestion for putting some ooomph into the output - set the master EQ settings like this;
I have 2 'USER' settings - (start from any setting and press EDIT) adjust the settings then save to User (Store 1 or Store 2)
Here's mine
Setting 1(user 1)
2.2 70Hz EQ1=0, EQ2=0, EQ3=1, EQ4=3, EQ5=5

Setting 2(user 2)
1.8 80Hz EQ1= -4, EQ2= -6, EQ3=1, EQ4=3, EQ5=10

nozzmoking 25-01-2010 11:13 AM

Re: EQ Settings
Hi Spike,

This is a cracking resource, which is now a sticky in the Workshop. :thumb:

I hadn't given any thoughts at all to the standard EQ settings, just thinking that the board would be probably be set up without any adjustment needed.

However, the more I struggle with the conversion from wave to mp3 makes me realise something's probably not right with my set up. I do all my playing and mixing through good quality headphones and can safely say I've never really been 100% happy with any of my final mp3s. It's so frustrating to hear what seems a perfectly balanced tune on the T2 only for it to get ruined on the conversion. The more instruments that are added to the mix, the worse the problem seems to get.

I'm working on a tune at the moment and I've used an auto-panning electric piano in places. To my ears it sounds great on the T2 but the mp3 is a disaster. The piano sounds muffled and distorted on the mp3.

I've also used the Guitar Hero SA voice. Again, I had it sat back nicely in the mix on the T2, (with no DSP effects added), but it sounds like a cat being strangled on the mp3 and suddenly it's got loads of reverb.

It seems with certain types of songs we need settings on the midi for the track to be played back via the keyboard, and different settings for when the track is being recorded to the hard disk prior to conversion to .wav.

Trouble is, it's difficult to try a variety of settings as it takes so long to convert the .aud to .wav and then export to the flash drive.

Anyway, next time I get the T2 out I'm going to try your suggested eq settings and see if they might make some difference.

We need a magic button on our keyboards that once pressed, allows us to hear the output from the keyboard as though it had been converted to mp3, so we can mix accordingly. A sort of mp3 preview facility for want of a better phrase. Now if that feature was available on the T4, I'd definitely buy one.



spike 25-01-2010 06:41 PM

Re: EQ Settings
Hi Paul
The T3 I believe can play Mp3s and the new S910 too so maybe by including this feature Yamaha have realised that some thing was missing in the conversion from midi to mp3.

Matrix 09-06-2010 09:53 PM

Re: EQ Settings
Hi Spike,
Just wanted to thank you for your excellent article and tips on EQ settings for the tyros.
I have just re-set my Tyros 2 to your recommended settings and can honestly say that i am now hearing sounds that i have not heard so clear ever.
What a huge difference it has made.
Many thanks once again :):)

spike 10-06-2010 08:49 AM

Re: EQ Settings
Hi Kieth
You're most welcome, surprising what a little tweak here and there can do.

steve clarke 12-06-2010 09:24 AM

Re: EQ Settings
Spike, when you've altered the EQ settins, how do you get the T2 to use the new settings? Will it not always default to the presets?

Thanks for this great article

Best wishes


RayDrake 13-06-2010 11:54 AM

Re: EQ Settings
Hi Spike.
Do these settings work on the T1?


spike 13-06-2010 12:07 PM

Re: EQ Settings
Hi Steve
When you alter the settings and save them as eg. [USER 1] and USER 1 is highlighted when you exit the page, when you switch on again the settings in USER 1 are automatically loaded.

spike 13-06-2010 12:09 PM

Re: EQ Settings

Originally Posted by RayDrake (Post 9224)
Hi Spike.
Do these settings work on the T1?


Hi Ray
As I haven't got a T1 I'm not sure but there's no harm in trying them and if they are not right for you then alter them to suit. I know at least one T1 owner who uses them and is very happy with the result.

steve clarke 13-06-2010 12:35 PM

Re: EQ Settings
Thanks Spike

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