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Backporch Music 27-10-2016 12:52 PM

Audio output from TYROS
Original s/u on Tyros1 and Tyros4 included 1 Left and 1 Right RCA connection to small mounted speakers plus a dual cord output to Yamaha sub woofer.
When plugging to a keyboard amp, cords from L out and R out without the Yamaha speakers, I get great sound but I'm not sure if I'm loosing some of the style output that was sent to the Yamaha sub woofer. My keyboard amp (Roland KC550) has a 15" main speaker. Do I need to find a means to channel the output from my keyboard (sub woofer) to the amp?

spike 27-10-2016 11:16 PM

Re: Audio output from TYROS
Hi Dick
The amp is in the sub-woofer so if you are routing the main output of the Tyros through your keyboard amp then there wouldn't be anything going through the sub-woofer anyway - mind you I can only speak for the Tyros 5 where I take the main out to a Stagepas 300 system.
According to some experts ( from Yamaha) keyboard amps should be avoided as the frequency responses don't cover the whole range of possible ones from a keyboard and they are not stereo

jjj 20-09-2018 05:51 AM

Re: Audio output from TYROS
Eureka! I was searching for circuit details of the Sub-Woofer box for my Tyros 3 and finally found it in the Tyros (first model) service manual. It's not shown in the service manual of Tyros 2 & 3.
Since my 2nd hand Tyros 3 didn't come with it's speaker speaker, I wonder if I miss something?
Maybe my SONY stereo unit with EQ offers me the same or even better quality?
Has anyone gained experience in this field?

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